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UK Thermals

The developing relationship between An Indian Summer and UKThermals Ltd.

UKThermals Ltd were approached by the directors of An Indian Summer with a sponsorship opportunity and we saw it as a great opportunity. As an Asian company, we feel it is important that people get a feel of what India is all about and An Indian Summer is a perfect example of this. We hope we can build a long lasting business relationship with the festival.

We hope you enjoy the festival and massive congratulations to the directors and volunteers for putting this on.


What UKThermals does

A family run company since 1982, UKThermals Ltd has been manufacturing the legendary RP Collection range of Thermal Underwear at our factory in Leicester (England, UK). For many years we have supplied to domestic and international trade customers. Now anyone can buy our products, however remote, from our website and have them delivered directly to your door. We can ensure that you and your family will be kept warm during the winter months with our Thermal underwear, Socks and winter accessories.

Now we also have our Budget Range of Thermals which are designed in the UK and manufactured abroad to offer more Affordable options to the budget buyer. UKThermals ensure that staff members abroad are being treated in a respectable and professional manner.

We have also introduced a small range of hats, scarves, gloves & socks to keep you extra warm in the winter season.

In addition to providing the warmest and most comfortable Thermals, we also provide the best value for money!


Brief history of UK Thermals

UKThermals was set up in 2009 by Suresh R Thobhani with his wife and son, after expanding from his previous business Nile Tradings Ltd (which also concentrated in manufacturing Thermal Underwear). Now UKThermals employs 10 staff who manufacture the legendary RP Collection range of Thermal Underwear and import containers of winter accessories. Since his son Jay S Thobhani came into the business in 2012, his goal has been to make UKThermals Ltd bigger and better, importing from abroad as well as keeping British manufacturing alive.


Future Expansion

We hope to make UKThermals Ltd into a worldwide brand, importing from different countries and exporting to various other countries. We have already started to approach clients in Europe such as Ireland, Germany, France and Switzerland. By 2015 we will have an office in the United States and a warehouse in India where we manufacture our own winter accessories. We are and will continue to introduce new and unique products to our already wide range of product portfolio.



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