Faith Space


Faith Space

Venue: Curve

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th – All Day

As one of the primary themes of An Indian Summer 2013, this wide-reaching – and at times divisive subject will be explored in photographs, videos, interactive performances, audio installations and displays.

We’ll look at children’s relationship to religion and worship, how ordinary people’s lifestyles are affected by their faith and the history and evolution of some of the major faiths.


Warrior Saints (Vol.1)

Explore the extraordinary people, events and ideas that influenced the genesis of a unique martial culture. Presented by GT1588.

Check out their website: www.gt1588.com



See the Gods of India in the jaw dropping style of Vimanika Comics.


The Forgotten City

Rahul Gajjar’s haunting photographs of the medieval masjids and mausoleums of Champaner-Pavagadh – An archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Panchmahal district in Gujarat, India.

It is located around the historical city of Champaner, a city which was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada of Gujarat.


Faith In Neighbours

Local school children respond to Leicester’s places of worship supported by The Mighty Creatives. See the exhibition they have created!


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