Nataks (Street Theatre)


Nataks (Street Theatre)


Venues: Orton Square, Halford Square & Phoenix

Saturday & Sunday: See timetable for exact times of the Nataks

Leicester-based writer and director Kenton Hall has been commissioned to provide three original open-air plays – featuring some of the city’s finest actors – exploring the Past, Present and Future of India’s relationship with the UK.

In turns, dramatic, tragic and comic, these nataks will mirror the festival itself, showcasing the best of Indian and British theatrical culture.

Three New Short Plays by Kenton Hall (in association with Jez Simons and Hathi Productions):


Raj Against the Machine

The English Raj face an enemy even more disruptive than Gandhi: An irate protest singer.




A hotshot American director tries to enforce a little reality on Bollywood.



Heat and Rust

In a post-apocalyptic India, the class system is proved to be alive and well, when a young Indian woman brings home an android.


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