Faith Talks


Spiritual But Not Religious

Venue: Curve – Seminar Room

Saturday 29th June – 12.30pm

Speaker: George Ballentyne

George Ballentyne takes us on a whirlwind tour of the influence of Indian spirituality on the West over the last hundred years.


Beyond The Veil

Venue: Curve – Seminar Room

Sunday 30th June –  11.00am

Speaker: Malika Kraamer

Clothes are a strong motif of many cultures. This talk explores the traditions around modesty in Indian clothing and fashion defined by faith.


Shalom Mumbai

Venue: Curve – Seminar Room

Sunday 30th June –  3.30pm

Speaker: Dafna Samuel

Discover the origins, history and present state of one of the lesser-known treasures of India’s spiritual life. The Bene Israel, a Jewish community stranded in Mumbai, cut off from the rest of the Jewish world for more than a millennium.

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