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About An Indian Summer 2014

“An Indian Summer” is an annual festival that gives people of all backgrounds and ages the chance to experience the rich and varied culture of India. Through an enthralling mixture of food, music, dance, literature, talks, exhibitions and games, “An Indian Summer” aims to break down the myths surrounding India and celebrate both the country and its people.

If you attended An Indian Summer 2013, you’ll be able to guess how amazed and pleased we were with the result and, particularly, with just how many people came down to share it with us. So, first things first, thank you for helping to make AIS such a success.

To show our appreciation, we’ve decided to do the only thing we can do: Make An Indian Summer 2013 bigger, better and bolder. Of course, all of that would be so much bakwaas if we lost sight of the festivals original intention: to provide an immersive and entertaining guide to the manyworlds of India and its people. So, if you came last year, expect to find the same exhilarating mix of film, music, dance, photography, art, food, education and enlightenment, just on a much grander scale, involving more venues and local and international artists of every stripe.

If you’re thinking about coming for the first time, a big welcome to you. We’re going on a journey to the heart of India and we want you to join us!

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